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This website is a collection of notes from various projects I have done. I use it as a refernce for my current projects and as a repository for useful links and lessons learned. Hopefully you will find it just as usefull as I have.

Updated: 5-26-2017

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Lego Whitening

Using hydrogen peroxide and the power of the sun you can easily restore vintage Lego

Tonka restore

I found one of my old Tonka toys from when I was a kid, but it was in bad shape. Using electrolysis I was able to somewhat effortlessly remove years of rust whithout sacrificing any metal.

Modified Power Wheels

A neighbor was nice enough to give us an old Power WHeels Jeep thier kids had out grown. I found it a bit to slow so I converted it from 12V to 24V. I also added a few accesories.

Cessna 172

My nephew and I made a 1:72 scale model of a Cessna 172 as a Father's Day gift for my brother. This was an exact copy of his actual plane.